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Delirium Cafe

Make My Meals 2-Pack


Delirium Cafe's super yummy meals make a great value. Skip the grocery line, chopping, cutting and washing. Let us make you meals. Select from these 5 choices for your own combo. Comes with 2 x ACME water bottles.


Mama Fried Chicken Chop
deep-fried crispy chicken, fries, petit salad, black pepper gravy

BBQ Black Pepper Chicken
bbq chicken, with chickpeas and cauliflower curry, garlic toast, black pepper sauce 

Steak Sandwich
chargrilled blackened steak, seeded sausage bun, relish, fries

Skillet Beef Aglio Olio
pan-seared beef fillet, spaghetti, roasted garlic, olive oil

Spicy Clam Pasta
sautéed clams, chilli padi, ginger, coriander leaf, spaghetti, carrot, garlic toast 

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